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Among the best Costa Rica shipping companies, let Mail Boxes Etc. help you ship to any destination effortlessly

Pack & Ship
We ensure that no matter where in the world your item originates from, you’ll get it on time, at the right place, and at affordable prices.
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Sea Freight
Global borders are shrinking. International trade is taking place at an unprecedented rate on a worldwide scale.
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There are millions of items sold via online and physical marketplaces with amazing bargains and deals to make you want even more.
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Print & Design
Finding a printer in Costa Rica may not be hard, but finding the right partner is essential.
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There may be some Costa Rica shipping companies on the market today but there’s only one that can help you ship worldwide without any hassle - that’s Mail Boxes Etc. Costa Rica. Take advantage of professional international shipping from Costa Rica to any destination around the globe. You can rely on years of experience and expertise as well as also enjoy shipping to Costa Rica from any point in the world.

We know how important your valuables are - whether it’s something you’re sending abroad or receiving. This is why we offer a tailor-made solution that covers a wide range of international shipping services carried out to high quality standards. You’ll never have to worry about your package getting lost, damaged, or delayed. You simply ship and track your package effortlessly. We take care of the rest.

The size or volume of your package doesn’t matter. Rather, we calculate the cost based on weight. We will make sure it gets to the right place at the right time. Just some of the items we can handle with precision include pallets, bicycles, containers, furniture, motorbikes, art objects, packages, temperature controlled goods, valuables, luggage, and wine. All this and more at affordable prices.

Our international shipping service is designed to offer full peace of mind to meet the unique and special needs of every customer. Whatever you choose to ship or receive to and from Costa Rica, we ensure your complete service satisfaction. Rest assured that every item will be professionally taken care of and delivered to the right destination. By choosing one of the best Costa Rica shipping companies, you can be certain that your package from abroad will arrive safely to the correct person at the correct address. No more worries, no more hassles. Only peace of mind.

Ship all your online purchases from the US to Costa Rica

A reliable and highly precise printer in Costa Rica

Flyers. Leaflets. Posters. Menus. There is an entire world of items that requires printing. However, you need a reliable printer in Costa Rica to help ensure you get high quality results. Cheaper alternatives do not always yield the best results. You want your printed information to be as professional as possible. No smudges, no misalignments. Only pure precision. This is why you can submit any digital print in Costa Rica to the Mail Boxes Etc. Costa Rica center to ensure you get the best outcome for your printing needs. No matter what size or scope of printing you require, no job is too big or too small for us.

What’s more is that you can take advantage of the Costa Rica graphic design service on offer, too. With professional graphic design that’s done by highly experienced wizards, you will have the most attractive print materials that can set you apart from all the rest.

Wondering what type of printing and graphic design we can help you with? Ultimately, it’s anything you can think of including business cards, decorations, labels and stickers, design and printing for custom gadgets, and of course, communication materials. But that’s not all. Simply tell us about your custom printing and graphic design needs and we’ll take care of it.

Our printers are highly efficient and fast. They also print using a variety of different inks and colors ranging from black and white to all the colors of the rainbow. From the small business cards that you can fit in your wallet to giant-sized posters that go on billboards, we happily do it all for you to your satisfaction. You are always welcome at your friendly printer in Costa Rica. So don’t hesitate and choose Mail Boxes Etc..

Choose us when you need professional packaging in Costa Rica

It doesn’t matter if you have a single packaging requirement or the need for wider packaging in Costa Rica, we can help you with it all. Packaging is crucial for getting your item ready for shipping and to ensure it gets delivered in the best condition possible. It’s a way of ensuring that fragile wine bottles, sculptures, pieces of art, musical instruments and sports equipment do not get damaged. This is why you need professional packaging services and by choosing us, we at Mail Boxes Etc. Costa Rica will always deliver.

Our offer to you is varied and will depend on your needs. For example, if you’re shipping a single package, we can help ensure this is done in the best possible way to ensure that it arrives in good condition. Alternatively, if you’re shipping on a more frequent basis, you need to be certain that the packaging is efficient and that there is no wasted space or materials in the shipping process. This is a great way of saving you money. As a business owner, you can also take advantage of custom packaging services that see to it that your products are delivered in style. You can apply branding to your packaging and even insert leaflets, pamphlets, flyers, business cards, or even gadgets and small gifts in the package to ensure that your customer gets everything they need with the unboxing experience.

We also help with packaging for e-commerce as this is a crucial part of the e-commerce ecosystem. Customers want their products to arrive in perfect condition at their doorstep and you can take this opportunity to ensure that they get exactly what they are looking for. For all your packaging in Costa Rica, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to help ensure your products are securely packaged for optimal results.

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