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About MBE

We all know that the US marketplace is huge. There are millions of items sold via online and physical marketplaces with amazing bargains and deals to make you want even more. But how can you get shipping to Costa Rica from the US? With Mail Boxes Etc., this is no longer a problem.

During the last 20 years, Mail Boxes Etc. has steadily grown its business network in Central America, with more than 45 centers at the regional level. At MBE we are dedicated to facilitating the work of entrepreneurs and individuals, consolidating our commitment and offering comprehensive solutions with high quality standards, through our distribution network of products and services.

Founded in 1980 in San Diego, California, Mail Boxes Etc. was brought to Central America in 1998 by businessmen Christopher Thompson and Fernando Alegre, who became Master Licensors across the entire region, opening the first center in Punta Paitilla, Panama City. Continued growth has not stopped in the following years.

Mail Boxes Etc. has evolved

With the renewal of the brand, MBE emphasizes the new slogan #PeoplePossible.

#PeoplePossible is the first approach to the customer, is the art of combining innovation, technology and empathy to achieve the goals of our users. #PeoplePossible is based on the number of offices, led by our network of talented people, the MBE network.

MBE specializes in logistics, shipping and packaging services, printing and P.O boxes in Miami. It provides accessible solutions for individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises, helping them to be more effective in their businesses and activities.

Fueled by passion, discipline and innovation we want to continue to grow, being #PeoplePossible as well as an activity and a baseline. At MBE we help our customers achieve their goals. MBE makes it possible, MBE is #PeoplePossible.