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Frequently Asked Questions

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By purchasing a locker in Miami, you can take advantage of the best product deals in the U.S. Also, ship documents, magazines, etc. At MBE we offer different plans to suit our customers’ needs.
Easy! Just log in to our website and click on the “Register” button. Select the MBE Center of your choice, enter your personal data and we will mail you your new address. It’s free!
The “pre-alert” tool was created to automatically validate your purchase information, before your merchandise arrives at our facilities in Miami. This allows us to make the clearance process more efficient without generating delays to your shipment.

“Pre-alerting” a package is to upload the purchase invoice, once the supplier ships the purchase to our facilities in Miami. You can do this through our APP and/or web user, by logging in to our website
The actual weight is determined by weighing the package on a scale. While the volumetric weight, is the calculation of the volume of the shipment, based on its dimensions.To calculate the volumetric weight of a box, measurements are taken in inches and the following formula is applied: length X width X height / 139 – Volumetric Weight in pounds.

At Mail Boxes Etc. WE DO NOT CHARGE VOLUMETRIC WEIGHT for our online shopping service.
Costa Rica customs law states that packages with a value over $100 CIF, must pay import taxes. According to the description of the goods, our customs broker will classify the shipment, based on Costa Rica import tariff.
It is the address that must be given at the time of making an online purchase, which consists of your first and last name, account number and the data of our warehouse in the U.S. It is important to type the full address.

For example:

Name and Last name of customer

2250 NW 114th Ave

Unit 1P PTY XXX (account number)

Miami, FL 33192-4177

Telephone: (305) 280-5046
It is the address where you receive the credit card statements with which you are making the online purchase.
Contact the store where you made the purchase, as soon as possible, and ask them to change the address.
You will be able to check the status of your package from the moment it is admitted to our warehouse in Miami until it arrives in your selected MBE office, through our APP (available for iOS and Android) and/or web user, by logging in from our website, or by calling the MBE® center where you are registered.
Domestic shipping, within the US, is wide and diverse. Both in transit time, as well as in features and costs. The importance of this will depend on the value of the product, the safety and urgency it requires to be delivered.
For products purchases, we recommend using the physical address and private courier companies, such as: FedEx, UPS, DHL, among others, which offer options of 2 to 5 days of delivery, with total competitive tracking and acknowledgement of receipt at rates.
Yes, just try to use secure connection sites.To check the security of a site, go to the upper left corner of the web address, look for the security status:*Secure*Information or Not Secure*Not Secure or Dangerous
The online shopping service must be used to bring personal items. If you require this service for commercial purposes, you will need to contact an MBE office to get assistance from an executive, who will offer you a suitable import plan for your business needs.
Anything that is legally permitted to import into the country and is not classified as prohibited goods.
Yes! To request the change, you will only need to complete the relocation form at the MBE® office, keeping your current account number and address.
Consumptions made at another MBE centre cannot be charged to your current account.
If you purchase a prohibited item, it will be received at our facilities in Miami. However, it cannot be exported. At MBE we offer the following options:
  • If you have a relative or friend in the United States, they can pick it up directly from our warehouse or we can make a domestic shipment to deliver the goods to them. This will have an additional cost.
  • Contact the supplier and notify them that you will not be able to receive the item. The supplier may pick up the package in our warehouse or provide a shipping address to get the package back and make a refund of the item. This service will have an additional cost.
The package will be held in our warehouse in Miami. Contact your MBE office to update the package information. It will be stored for a maximum of 45 days from the date of arrival, after this time, it cannot be claimed.
Once we receive the goods in our warehouse in Miami, the transit time is 24 to 72 hours (as long as the package arrives properly identified with all the required information).
If the service you requested does not provide a tracking number and you want to verify the status of the package, send the following information to your MBE® office:
With that info we will be able to find your package in any of our warehouses and give you an update on it.
No. Only if you want to bring correspondence or make online purchases, it will be necessary to have a P.O box account. For shipping, printing, maritime cargo, graphic design, among others, you don’t need to have a P.O box in Miami.
Yes! We provide shipping insurance. For more information please contact an MBE center.
Common items that require additional processing include: cosmetics (makeup, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, perfumes, among others). Medications: food supplements, food items, wood, paints, among others.For further information please contact an MBE office.
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