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Why choose MBE Costa Rica e-box service?

Buying from Amazon or any other online store in the USA is so convenient these days! But having a shipping address in the US makes the process much easier. With our e-box service, you’re assigned your own personal shipping address at our state-of-the-art shipping center in Miami, Florida. Once you place your order, it will be shipped to Miami and then you can track its progress through an app on your phone as it makes its way to your doorstep. Whether you have a magazine subscription, you are expecting documents, or you’re simply shopping online, an e-box is the perfect solution. And the best part? Signing up for your e-box is absolutely free!

All the perks you can enjoy with your e-Box in Costa Rica

We have no minimum weight charges. While competitors will often charge a fixed $10 price for each package, irrespective of size, our shipping costs match the product type - no matter how big or small it may be.

Deliveries are free. These can be made to your home, office, or a location that’s convenient for you anywhere in San Jose.

We help you overcome payment challenges. Experiencing difficulties making a purchase with your credit card or you simply don’t have one? Not to worry! Simply send us a link of the item you’d like to purchase and we’ll buy it on your behalf.

Take advantage of free returns to the USA. * Returns are a natural part of online shopping. And we at MBE can help you with this. Amazon, for example, offers free returns and we’ll ship the purchased item back to the online retailer for you.

* This refers to shipments that are up to 1kg in weight or which cost $75 per shipment, whichever quantity/amount is greater.

3 simple steps to getting started


Sign up for your e-boxSigning up is absolutely free and takes a few simple clicks.


Shop as much as you likeSigning up is absolutely free and takes a few simple clicks.


Collect your ordersTrack your shipment on your phone and simply pick it up when it arrives.

What makes MBE Costa Rica your perfect shipping partner?

We all know that shopping online in the USA can mean great products and even better - discounts. So make your shopping experience a wonderful one! Shop wherever you like whenever you like and you’ll always have the assurance that your package will arrive at your doorstep safely. You can track and monitor its progress and you never have to worry about customs or paperwork. We handle it all for you.


Track your package with our app

Pay for your package through the app

Pay for weight and nothing else

Earn loyalty points and redeem rewards

Enjoy convenience at any of our centers in Costa Rica

Take advantage of more affordable, tiered rates

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No credit card required

Our Prices (Miami to San Jose)

1oz.$0.55 (₡ 340)
1/8 pound$0.95 (₡ 590)
1/4 pound$1.90 (₡ 1,175)
1/2 pound$3.75 (₡ 2,320)
1 pound$7.50 (₡ 4,650)


Corporate Plans

Are you a business that imports inventory from USA? Augment your logistics chain delivery system with discounted air freight and MBE maritime services.


More about MBE Points

MBE Points is our loyalty program through which you can take advantage of many benefits. You earn points for each kilogram of shipped products you receive. What’s more is that you instantly earn 100 points when you register. What can you do with these points? Simply redeem them for a wide range of our services - couriering, office supplies, etc. And how can you do this? All you have to do is redeem through your e-box account or the app on your phone!


Ready to boost your MBE Points? Just download the app and earn 1,000 points right from the start!

The MBE app gives you the freedom and convenience to track all your incoming packages and control your online shopping.

  1. Track your parcels in real time
  2. Conveniently select the final destination for your shipments
  3. Pay for your parcel through the app and simply go to your MBE center to collect it
  4. Get all the important information about our offices and how to reach us through the app
  5. Select the pre-alert option to inform us that your package is arriving and you’ll receive it that much faster
  6. Use the fee calculator to determine your shipping costs before you make an online purchase and save

The MBE e-box is available for download via Android and iOS.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get more information about the status of my shipment?
All you have to do is access your e-box account by visiting our website at Next, enter the tracking number which you received. Alternatively, you can always reach out to us through our Facebook page for your particular MBE center or give us a call.
I did not enter the PTY code when I made my purchase. What happens now?
You will still be able to find out where your package is and its status without a PTY code. All that you have to do is provide all the information about the purchase to your MBE center. This information should include the SDQ number, invoice or purchase order, the recipient’s name, supplier’s details, details of the sender, and the date of the purchase. To get in touch with us, simply send an email to the email address, which you can find on the app or on our website. Our helpful team will help locate your parcel as quickly as possible.
What can I do if the e-commerce store I purchased from didn’t place an invoice with my package?
It’s advisable to get in touch with your MBE center and let them know about this situation as soon as possible. This is especially important if your package is already in Miami. Your MBE center will request some information from you. This will include the invoice, tracking number, and SDQ. Once this information has been provided, your item will be ready for shipment within 48 business hours. Remember that these details should be provided 60 calendar days prior to the package being delivered in Miami. Other options you have to address this issue include accessing your e-box account through our website and visiting the “Search for unidentified package” tab. You’ll then be required to fill in the requested information. To avoid future issues such as this, it’s recommended that you edit your shipping address at your e-commerce store provider and place your SDQ inside the address field.
I purchased a prohibited item by accident. What should I do?
As part of the shipment receiving process, you’ll get an email once your package arrives in Miami. After this, we can help you schedule a return with your supplier. Alternatively, you can rely on a friend or family member to collect it for you from our Miami facility.
Can I receive subscriptions to magazines as well as documents through the e-box?
Yes, absolutely! Your favorite magazines and important documents can be in your hands quickly, conveniently, and securely.
Can I receive national correspondence through the e-box service?
You can certainly receive national correspondence through our e-box service once you sign up for it for free.


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